ASLE-20 – Laser Edge Deletion System

The Laser Edge Deletion System (ASLE) is used to remove deposited layers from the perimeter of photovoltaic modules. This is to provide life safety of the PV modules. This very powerful machine is purpose designed to quick and clean material removal. In fact, each ASLE provides capacity to serve three basic (7MW/year) production lines.

The ASLE is fully automated: as the panel arrives at the inlet position, robotic arm picks it up, moves below the laser light, the high power laser removes all the deposited layers from its perimeter, and, at the end the panel is placed on another trolley. To keep the cleanness of the panels and the machine, a vacuum system removes all the dust particles. A computer control system guides the entire process, while the operator can follow the edge deletion with the help of an internal camera.


Power: 20 kW
L × W × H: 4 × 3.8 × 2 m
Mass: 1200 kg
Workpiece: 1245 × 635 mm (adjustable)
Cycle time: ~1 min
Laser type: Nd:YAG (Rofin)
Laser energy: 900W (1064nm)
Robotic arm: electro-pneumatic
Precision: 0.1 mm
In line operation
Fully automated edge deletion
Programmable operation
Internal camera showing the entire process
High output laser for short cycle time
automatic load-unload to conveyors