ERLS – Enamel Removal Laser System

The Enamel Removal Laser System (ERLS) is a laser-based insulator removal system, which was developed to remove the hard-coated insulator layers (e.g. lacquer) from copper wires without damaging the wires’ material. Employing laser ablation ensures that the insulator will be removed all the way down to the copper resulting in clean metallic surfaces. In oppose to mechanical scraping this process ensures no damage on the wires themselves. The developed laser technology enables the user to process range of insulated wires having different dimensions and insulator materials.

The holding block of the wires is easy to use in industrial environment as it is developed to handle a large scale of product types. Automated camera system and image processing is used for positioning the work piece and for the optimization of the removal time. The software is able to process multiple types of wires with different insulators in the same time.


Laser power: 14 W
Laser wave-length: 355 nm (UV laser)
Pulse frequency: 0-300 kHz
Laser working area: 242 mm x 90 mm
Enamel Layer Material: Polyimide, QY-2/220 and QZY-2/220
Wire’s diameter ranges: from 0.07 mm to 1.0 mm
Wire’s number ranges: from 1 to 60 pcs (2 times)
Electric power requirement: 7.5 kW
Voltage: 230V / 50Hz
L × W × H: 2000 mm × 2050 mm × 2590 mm
Mass: 1100 kg
Protecting gas: N2
Throughput: 10-20 pcs / hour
Laser unit for enamel removal
Laser scanner head unit
High-precision positioning system
Camera system for accurate positioning
Automatic door unit with safety system
Exhaust system with filter for removing the removed particles
Holding block unit to fixing the workpiece
Rotatory unit to remove around the enamel from wires
Nitrogen protecting gas system
Touch-screen monitor
Laser protection: Class 4
User-friendly GUI