MESO-11 – Light Soaker

The Light Soaker (MESO) is used in photovoltaic production lines for reliability testing. Its purpose is to expose the PV panels with a constant, high intensity light to get it deteriorated. Measuring the time dependent deterioration of the electrical parameters of the PV structure the reliability parameters could be defined.

The Light Soaker is designed to accommodate one PV panel for a long lasting reliability test. The level of the light exposure and the environmental temperature are controlled by the equipment to ensure the necessary stable investigation circumstances.


Power: 10 kW
L × W × H: 1750 × 1210 × 1620 mm
Mass: 170 kg
Work area:
Light intensity: 600 W
Light homogeneity: ±15 %
Cooling: electric fans
Working temperature: 50-55 °C (programmable)
Temperature homogeneity: ±4°C
Homogeneous lighting
Able to hold temperature
Uniform temperature and illumination level
Programmable operation
Easy to use