QCME – Quartz Crystal Microbalance Equipment

The Quartz Crystal Microbalance Equipment (QCME) is designed for the precisely controlled removal of the metallic coating from the surfaces of quartz crystal resonators without damaging the dielectric. During the process the position of the quartz resonator and its metallic lands are registered by a camera system and image processing. During the laser ablation the actual resonant frequency is monitored in-situ.

To avoid the quartz damage during the process a special laser ablation technology is applied, which is able to remove gold layers with different thicknesses without damaging the quartz substrate. The laser trimming and all the sub processes are automated and fully controlled by an industrial PC. The workpiece can be connected electrically to a measurement and control system, which collects the frequency data of the resonator and controls the QCME equipment while it is trimming. In order to avoid damage and oxidation the gold layer the laser process is done in a protecting gas ambient.


Laser power: 10 W
Laser wave-length: 355nm (UV laser)
Pulse frequency: 15-100 kHz
Electric power requirement: 6 kW
Voltage: 1×230 V / 50 Hz
Machine size (L × W x H): 2400 mm x 1900 mm x 2400 mm
Mass: 980 kg
Protecting gas: N2
Workpiece: gold plated quartz crystal
Laser unit for gold-layer ablation
Laser scanner head unit
High-precision positioning system
Camera system for accurate positioning in 3D
Automatic door unit with safety system
Active vibration damping granite baseplate
Nitrogen protection gas system
Touch-screen monitor
Laser protection: Class 4
User-friendly GUI