Greensolar Equipment Manufacturing Ltd. is an investor and developer company, active on the industrial fields of photovoltaics and having vast experience of renewable energies and related solutions.

Our company was established in 2009. With a stable background we are currently interested in the field of developing photovoltaic power plant projects.

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Caracal, Romania 3x 1 MWp

SPVs  RC Development Deset, Devat, Osum
 Capacity  3 x 1 MWp
 Location  Caracal, Olt county, Romania
 Land  5 Ha, owned by the SPVs
 Completion date  November 2013
 Commercial operation  February 2014
 PV modules  CSUN
 Strings  546 strings, 22 panels in each
 Inverters  6 x 500 kW central inverters
 Transformers  3 x 1 MW 20kV transformers
Energy production 3 400 MWh/year

Várpalota, Hungary, 1,8 MWp

 SPV  Techdev 2000 Kft
 Capacity  1,8 MWp
 Location Várpalota, Hungary
 Land  3,6 Ha, owned by the SPV
 Completion date  July 2017
 Commercial operation  August 2017
 Panels  CSUN
 Inverters  Huawei
Energy production 2070 MWh/year

Laskod, Hungary, 2x0,57 MWp

 SPV  Napelem Trade Kft, Naptermés Kft
 Capacity  2 x 0,57 MWp
 Location Laskod, Hungary
 Land owned by the SPVs
 Completion date 2018.12.19
 Commercial operation 2018.12.20
 Panels  TaleSun
 Inverters  Huawei
Energy production ~1340 MWh/year

Nova, Hungary 0,5 MWp

 SPV  Göcsej Szépítő Kft
 Capacity  1 x 0,5 MWp
 Location Nova, Hungary
 Land 1 ha
 Completion date 2019.07.08
 Commercial 2019.07.09
 Panels  TaleSun
 Inverters  Huawei
Energy production ~ 670 MWh/year

Abádszalók, Hungary, 2x0,5 MWp

 SPV  Szalóka Napkelet Kft, Szalóka Napnyugat Kft.
 Capacity  2 x 0,5 MWp
 Location Abádszalók, Hungary
 Land 2 x 1 ha
 Completion date December 2019
 Commercial 2020.01.30.
 Panels  TaleSun
 Inverters  Huawei
Energy production 700 + 700 MWh/year

Tiszaszolos, Hungary, 2x0,5 MWp

 SPV Greensolar Beta Kft, Greensolar Gamma Kft
 Capacity  2 x 0,5 MWp
 Location Tiszaszőlős, Hungary
 Land 2 x 1 ha
 Completion date March, 2020
 Commercial 2020.04.30
 Panels  TaleSun
 Inverters  Huawei
Energy production 700 + 700 MWh/year

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